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Deck Creation

How long does it take to create a Jobdeck?

A matter of minutes. Our platform lets you share everything and anything about a business, brand and their goals, but you can get up-and-running with just a logo and a few easy-to-enter details. Give it a go!

Can I add my own images?

Of course. You simply upload as many images as you need. Our AI Processing Design then crops and places imagery to fit your specific branding and chosen template. Plus, you also get instant access to millions of royalty-free stock images, too.

Is a fully branded experience guaranteed?

Always. As well as imagery, our intelligent AI scans your logo to detect the unique colour palette, automatically listing individual hex and RGB codes for an exact match. This gives you in-platform access to your branding colours as you build.

Users & Accounts

Is Jobdeck locked to one user?

No. It’s easy to add colleagues and managers for quick and simple collaboration across different regions, divisions and recruiters. This gives you complete freedom and control when it comes to creating unique content for any business or hiring process. Contact us for more information.


Is my information secure?

100%. We know that job and people data is incredibly sensitive stuff. All information input onto our platform is password-protected, fully encrypted and SSL secured. Our EU-based servers also provide triple protection against malware and other cyber-attacks.

Usage & Integration

Can I use the Jobdecks I create on my free account externally?

Absolutely. We not only want you to experience the ease of building Jobdecks on our intuitive system, we also want you to see the benefit of sharing quality, branded job content first-hand as part of a real recruitment process.

Are there any usage restrictions?

Although zero cost, our Free account lets you create and share decks to your social media followers. Upgrading to a Premium Job means we do the heavy lifting in terms of advertising your job to the world and securing candidates.

Can I import jobs from my current recruitment system?

Integration with your in-house infrastructure is easy with Jobdeck. Contact our support team to discuss your requirements.

Can I integrate my Jobdecks with LinkedIn?

You can share them across all social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Once you’ve added a job, simply click the share button for a range of options. From here, you can also message jobseekers directly.

Future Features

Are there any new features coming?

As well as job board integration, we’re also developing new design tools, search technologies, Videodecks, and career pages, which are all coming very soon to elevate the Employer Brand of every business.

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