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Automatic creation & design

In a few simple steps, transform dull information into memorable content for your target candidates. Our intuitive platform needs only basic details and a logo to create shareable job descriptions that maximise interest and boost your hiring success.

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Save time. Secure the best.

Explore our in-built functionality creating quality job descriptions, every time.


Bespoke Job Templates

Choose a design to suit the role you’re recruiting for – creating a unique job post to help you hire faster than ever.


AI Image

Our automated technology resizes uploaded images, aligns font, and adds colour for the perfect job description.


Cross-Device Compatibility

From tablets to smartphones, each Jobdeck is automatically optimised for an easy viewing experience.

Unlimited creations. No hidden costs.

Boost posts and hire success at the touch of a button. Building a snapshot of any role, Jobdeck maximises your reach and finds candidates faster than ever – for free. Sign-up now to start creating and posting the best job descriptions possible.

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Not sure where to start? Or how our platform can work for you? Ask us anything you need to know about Jobdeck and we’ll get back you.

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