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From dynamic templates to unique customisation, our automated system engages job seekers with your vision, culture and unique ways of working – targeting quality, perfect-fit candidates and retaining your best employees with the touch of a button.

It’s time to realise the potential of your employer brand with Jobdeck.

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Here’s an overview of some of our innovative functionality
designed to showcase your brand and enhance the hiring process.


AI Image Processing

Our in-built technology frames images, guaranteeing the correct style and colour matches for bespoke brand creation.


Cross-Device Compatibility

Choose a fully optimised recruitment experience whether candidates connect from home or on-the-go.


Creation Wizard

With beginner tutorials and simple design tips, anyone can create an engaging, professional Jobdeck in a matter of minutes.


Share Center

Always be ready for meetings, interviews and everything in-between with our quick-and-easy share function.


Bespoke Templates

Keep your brand proposition engaging with tailored designs and content delivery whatever the job role.


Easy Collaboration

Enjoy access to multiple user accounts for quick and customisable recruitment across your entire business.

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Packed full of bespoke templates, customisation tools and recruitment-focused features, explore how Jobdeck can help amplify your employer brand in a quick and effective way. And with our innovative Jobdecks ready to enhance your current business content and job descriptions, discover how easy it is to get started.

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